Welcome to my personal website. My name is Edwin. I am from Indonesia and currently pursuing my M.S. in EE degree at University of Washington. I love to design and implement electronic devices that can help solving daily problems. Luckily, my study in embedded systems, VLSI, and firmware development help me a lot to translate my idea into reality.

My life motto is never afraid to make mistakes and always learn from it. It always encourage me to try new things and innovate when solving problems. I always believe that people will never be successful if they never make mistakes. So failures for me is like learning how to make myself better in the future.

Other than my madness with electronics and gadgets, i also love to cook, read books, play music, take pictures, play badminton, and watch Arsenal FC's matches.

Go ahead and check out my projects to know more about me. Also, i always love to make new connections. So, feel free to add my LinkedIn or simply just like my pictures at my Flickr account :). I hope you'll get inspired to learn electronics too as you dig in through my website.

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Edwin Prasetio


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