A research project with UW CSE Change group. I designed and implemented FROG, an android app that can flash atmega328p via bluetooth.

Sept '13 - Present

JTAG (Join Test Action Group)

An EE 526 project that built a JTAG hardware by using Verilog and Cadence synthesis tool.

Spring '14

256-Bits Static Random Access Memory (SRAM)

Another EE 525 project. We designed a 256-Bits SRAM which includes 6T cell, row decoder, column decoder, and sense amplifier.

Winter '14

64-Bits Multiplier

This is an EE 525 final project. A 64-Bits Multiplier was designed by using Modified Booth Encoding and Carry Save adder topologies.

Winter '14

Notch Filter with In Situ Calibrator

This is my EE 433 final capstone project. Our objective is to build a notch filter with in-situ filter calibration.

Fall '13

Audience Logger

The best way to learn is by doing something. Playing with MSP430 for the first time, i built a system that logs how many times a person sneaking into your room.

Winter '13

Line Follower Robot

My first embedded systems project! Using an Arduino module, and self made color sensor, i made this old RC car finding its path again.

Summer '10


This personal project of mine is basically building a progamming platform for ATmega328p MCU so that i don't have to use the big STK500 board for flashing new AVR chip.

Fall 2014


An ME599H Project that developed a SPICE circuit simulator and utilize NVIDIA GPU to improve the computation latency.

Spring '14

64-Bits Adder with Kogge Stone Topology

This is my EE 525 project. We designed a 64 bits adder based on Kogge Stone topology.

Winter '14

Pseudo Random Number Generator

This is part of EE 476 final project, designing an LSFR based random number generator hardware (both schematic and layout) using Cadence

Fall '13

Cloud Fish Feeder

I created a cloud based fish feeder that allows me to feed my fish from anywhere around the world.

Summer '13

Dietary Data Recording

A portable 3D scanner research project during my undergrad year. I implemented a laser grid projector module that can talk to an Android phone via Bluetooth

Fall '10 - Spring '11

Catching Balloons Game

An gaming module that uses an Altera FPGA DE1 board as its brain, buttons, 8x8 led matrix, and lots of shift registers!

Winter '10


A project the develops the famous SPICE circuit simulator program using System Verilog. This simplified version of SPICE supports basic electrical components (capacitor, voltage source, resistor, etc), and both DC and TRAN circuit analysis.

Spring '14

Ulticrater 3D Printer

As a side project during Spring break, I assembled an Ulticrater, a 3D printer kit made by University of Washington Open Fabrication Club.

Spring Break '14

Two Stages Fully Differential Amplifier

In my EE 473 final project, I designed a telescopic and common source based fully differential amplifier.

Winter '14

Graphic Equalizer

An analog circuit design project. We built a 7-band, graphic equalizer by using a Butterworth signal filter topology.

Fall '13

Digital Alarm Clock

I built this personal alarm clock which is based on AVR MCU, combined with a temperature sensor, a buzzer, and an led flash light.

Winter '13

Drone Dance Revolution Game

Need a dance partner? We built this system just for you! A capstone project that utilizing Parrot Ar Drone and MS Kinect as a dancing game.

Spring '11